About Us

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About Us

Ahlat Feed Trading L.L.C

Future leading company in Agriculture trading. We’re born for agriculture!

We all eat food every day and several times a day. It is important that what you eat is not only tasty, but also of excellent quality. For over 10 years, bio trading company ensures that consumers can enjoy products which are not only delicious, but also of excellent quality and organic certified.

With more than 30 years of experience within the (organic) food market, we know what is happening in the market and we are able to answer the questions of the market by responding to trends and market developments. For example vegan and no added sugar. Often we already have the answer, while the question still has to be asked. Being creative and innovative is what we prefer to do. We therefore develop our own products for our brands ‘only organic’ and ‘De Gekroonde Leeuw’. But we notice that other customers also find us more often, and so we also develop products for private label. We guide you through the entire process; from ingredient, recipe and product to final packaging.