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Ahlat Feed Trading LLC.

Future leading company in Agriculture trading. We’re born for agriculture! At Ahlat Feed we are passionate about organic and tasty products. Wanna know more?

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Over 5,000+ companies & Clients rely on Ahlat Feed.

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About Us

Ahlat Feed Trading L.L.C

Ahlat Feed is based in the city of Dubai, we run our operations of trading all sorts of commodities. With our own warehouses all around Asia, we are very widespread and organised, and can be your perfect partner in both purchasing or selling your commodities.

Our Products

All Plan Service

Find out more about Ahlat Feed. Future leading company in Agriculture trading on the global market.

Ahlat Feed can support you all the way from plant to plate. Our experts have a deep working knowledge of global and local agricultures. And we’re ready to partner with you to develop innovative solutions.


Discover all our products and feel free to contact us.

We always stay on the cutting edge of agriculture manufacturing, so that our clients maintain their competitive advantage. We are an eminent supplier of Animal Feed Grains and Cattle Feed Grains to our valued clients from all across the world. We cater mainly to some of the major wet-milling industries and animal feed industries.
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